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Weekly Pool Service

Pool cleaning takes quite a bit of time and equipment to do the job right. We have the skills and the tools to be able to complete pool cleaning jobs on a regular basis

Chemical Treatment Services

High-Quality Pool Chemical Treatment Services Are Here! A quality pool chemical treatment is the best way to get your pool balanced and ready for use!

Vacuuming and Cleaning

A portable vacuum is used on most jobs, including weekly cleanings. This reduces the wear and tear on your filter system by reducing the amount of debris.

Acid Washing

If your pool surface has unsightly stains, acid washing may be the best solution. By using the right mix of acidic chemicals we are able to remove most stains and reveal a fresh, clean surface.

Chlorine Bath

If algae has begun to take over your pool and it is no longer responsive to chemicals then a chlorine bath is the answer you’re looking for. We can take your pool from green to clean!

Filter Cleaning

Offered specifically for the Do-It-Yourself pool owner. Often times cleaning your filters can be the most difficult, dangerous and time consuming maintenance task. We now have slots available on our filter rotation where we come out at fixed intervals and clean your filters for you.


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Weekly Pool Services




  • Test Water for Chlorine and pH
  • Monitor Alkalinity, Conditioner level, Calcium Hardness, and Total Hardness
  • Balance Water (Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, & Conditioner)
  • Add needed chemicals along with ALGAE PREVENTIVE AND CLARIFIER



  • Includes Chemical Only Service
  • Clean all skimmer baskets
  • Clean filter pump basket
  • Empty pool cleaner bag
  • Clean pump pot basket



  • Includes Chemical and Basket Service
  • Skim top of pool and remove debris from bottom
  • Brush pool walls, steps and swim outs
  • Inspect pump and equipment to ensure proper operation


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